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Identify Disposable Yogurt Bent Straw

How to identify Disposable Yogurt Bent Straw
1. The first thing to look at is that there is no QS mark on the outside of the straw; if there are black spots, impurities or broken bubbles in the straw, it is a feature of unqualified products.
2. The second important smell is to smell the pungent odor before the straw is in contact with the drink. If there is an odor, it may be a problem with the straw.
3. The last thing is to pinch. If you pinch the straw and it will be flat without elasticity, it means that the straw is made of thinner material and the quality is poor, and it will be easily sucked flat during use.   4. The best way to stay away from inferior straws is to not use straws. There are also precautions for using qualified products. When consumers buy straws, they should go to regular supermarkets and shopping malls to buy them, and they should use them reasonably according to the conditions of use stated on the packaging. Experts emphasize that even if you use qualified plastic straws, try not to drink hot drinks with straws, because many chemicals are easy to precipitate when the temperature is high. In addition, be careful not to let the straw stay in the drink for too long. Consumers usually drink cola, milk tea, and soy milk, etc., and they can drink it in a cup without using a straw.
Disposable Yogurt Bent Straw