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Advantages of Bamboo Fiber Disposable Sour Milk Straw

Advantages of Bamboo Fiber Disposable Sour Milk Straw
Bamboo fiber biodegradable material has successfully solved the problems of traditional plastics that are difficult to degrade and cause serious pollution. It also solves the problem of general biodegradable materials that are not heat-resistant, not cold-resistant, easy to deform, low mechanical strength, difficult to apply, difficult to popularize, and expensive. The problem.
1. From nature, return to nature
The bamboo fiber straw is made of moso bamboo, which is refined and processed by high-precision equipment and equipment. Moso bamboo can be seen everywhere in China. The material extraction is very convenient and stable. Moso bamboo grows rapidly in nature and is a highly sustainable plant. The bamboo biodegradable material with moso bamboo powder as the main ingredient is derived from nature and returns to nature. It is the best raw material for biological products.
2. Biodegradable compost Bamboo Fiber Disposable Sour Milk Straw can be 100% biodegraded into carbon dioxide and water and converted into high-quality compost within 12 weeks of composting time. Not only under composting conditions, but even under natural environmental conditions, it can also be naturally degraded into carbon dioxide and water. It helps the soil relax and breathe, prevents soil compaction, and promotes the growth of plant roots. It is a new type of material that is completely environmentally friendly.
3. No plastic, no bisphenol A, no carcinogenic benzene plasticizer, no fluorescent extrusion, no pesticides
Generally, the plastics that people refer to refer to traditional plastics such as PE, PP, PVC, PVE, etc. Traditional plastics and many plastic so-called biodegradable materials are added with many benzene plasticizers in order to make products more flexible or more durable. These are all Carcinogens seriously endanger people's health. Bamboo fiber is a green and healthy material, which is more suitable for biological manufacturing of tableware, food packaging bags or supplies and toys used by children.
4. High temperature resistance, waterproof oil, good strength and toughness Bamboo Fiber Disposable Sour Milk Straw can withstand high temperatures of 120°, frost resistance of -20°, water and oil resistance, and biodegradation. The reason why it has become a global topic is that not only because of the increasing shortage of energy and the problem of plastic pollution to be alleviated, but also because of the current biological Fully degradable materials still face many application problems.
Bamboo Fiber Disposable Sour Milk Straw