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Differentiate Degradable Disposable Lunch Box True and False

With the issuance of "banned plastic order", there is now a variety of colorful disposable lunch box products, and as our office workers, "selling" has already become part of our lives, of which Naturally, it will not use the use of a dining box. So the problem is coming, as an ordinary office worker, how do we distinguish between the true and false of the disposable lunch box?
The following is a few small tricks that the Anter Test Small Engineer will tell us about the true and false tricks that can degrade the disposable lunch box:

1. Touch: If the counterfeit product touches the hand, it feels soft, and it is easy to rupture.

2. Wen: If the counterfeit product has a stabbous smell, it is easy to transform and easy to leak;

3. Color: The colors of counterfeit are deep, and there is a severe oil seepage water;

4. Trademark: There is no factory name on the box and dining box, no trademark, no production date;

5. If the counterfeit tableware is more qualified, it is easy to sink after taking the water (qualified product specific gravity is less than 1, which will not sink).