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One-time degradable meal manufacturer test project

One-time degradable meal manufacturer test project
1. Appearance.

2, structure assessment.

3, use performance detection items: volume deviation, weight-bearing performance, drop resistance, heat resistance (heat resistance, heat resistance), water leakage performance, water content.

4, heavy metals and specific elements content testing items: arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, copper, iron, mercury, nickel, molybdenum, lead, selenium, zinc, etc.

5. Volatile solid content detection.

6, degradation performance detection.

7, compostable degradation performance: biological decomposition rate, disintegration rate, ecotoxicity.
The above is only a test item for one-time degradable meal, and the specific indicator requires a detailed provisions of GB / T 18006.3-2020. For example, the volume deviation requirements of the product cannot exceed 5%, one-time dining box, bowl, and the weight height of the cup cannot be greater than 5%. The disposable degradable meal manufacturing of polymer materials cannot be greater than 7%, volatile The syndiotic solid content is ≥51% or more. Of course, there is also a limited number indicator for heavy metals and specific elements.